DSt have established a successful business supplying markets requiring high performance detector and sensor technologies

Company Presentation


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What we do

DSt specialize in the manufacture of niche market detectors and sensors. We are a portal for esoteric applications and we afford our customers access to state of the art semiconductor manufacture. Although we are a Cypriot based company, DSt has direct access to Semefab, a UK based wafer foundry with 6-inch MOS and BiPolar production facilities, operating 3 wafer fabs on a single site. Through this access DSt can fulfil unique requirements for detectors & sensors which Interface with customers technology and engineering staff providing a route to manufacturing for customer products. Some of our current products are used in devices in areas such as XRD Microscopy. We have also supplied sensors to Big Physics Projects such as the LEGEND Project (Large Enriched Germanium Experiment for Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay). We have a rarely available set-up which allows for a high-volume wafer foundry (Semefab) to entertain low-volume, niche opportunities that normally wouldn’t be possible to pursue.

Our Strengths

  • Interactive design optimisation with customers
  • Strong technical support
  • In-depth process knowledge
  • Detailed understanding of X-ray sensor requirements
  • Best performance ultra low noise JFETS and PIN diodes
  • Supplies JFETs/PIN Diodes to >50% end markets
  • Familiar with MEMS sensor technologies for a broad set of applications

Further areas of activity

  • Packaged PiN diodes for Neutron radiation monitoring
  • Customer specific charged particle detectors
  • Medical dosimetry using PiN diode and Radfet devices
  • Mems based thermal conductivity gauge for O2 sensing
  • Gas Sensing ; Micro hotplates, IR emitters
  • Thin silicon PiN diodes for advanced medical dosimetry
  • MEMS breathing sensor for Sleep Apnea, COPD, Asthma