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DSt JFET – ‘Best in class performance’

The DSt Sensor Technologies Ltd – Charge resettable JFET SF291 is now approved by the Max Plank Institut fur Kern Physik in Heidelberg for the LEGEND project proving best in class performance for low intrinsic radioactivity, low noise and high sensitivity. LEGEND is one of the biggest Physics projects (Scaled up GERDA) which aims to develop a phased, 76Ge-based discovery of neutrinoless double-beta decay experiment with half-life beyond 1E28 years. An extremely rare event to detect!


Neutrinoless double-beta decay is only possible if neutrinos are their own antiparticle. Whether they are or not is not known, even though neutrinos are a fundamental ingredient for nuclear fission, nuclear fusion and the evolution of the universe and, thus, well researched. If they are their own antiparticle, this also contributes to one possible explanation for the disappearance of antimatter.